Don’t Let a Domestic Violence/Battery Charge Ruin Your Life!

 Under Wisconsin criminal laws, domestic violence is a special category of battery crimes. (Seem my battery page for more details on the specific penalties.)

A Wisconsin battery case is considered domestic abuse/domestic violence if the relationship between the people involved is any of:

  • people who live together;
  • people who have a child in common, or
  • people who have had a dating relationship within 6 months.

The implication of your case being categorized as domestic violence/abuse includes special firearms ownership restrictions, if you are found guilty. A conviction will mean that you will be unable to own any firearm for life.

Domestic Violence/Battery Defense Strategies

There are a number of legal strategies we can use to beat a domestic violence criminal charge. In cases where it is a previous relationship, we can challenge whether the statute is applicable, depending on the timeframe of the incident.  Specifically, we can challenge whether the statute applies.

If the evidence against you isn’t very strong, we will try to get the cased dismissed. And there may be other motions that can be filed depending on the facts of the case. There also may be a chance to negotiate for a lesser charge.

See My Domestic Violence Defense FAQ for more information.

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